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Welcome to this webpage and Hansson Mild Ledarskap och Personlig Utveckling!

Since you have found your way here you probably already know a little about me and you are definitely interested in leadership, teamwork and cooperation between people.

No matter if it is your own development as head of a branch or an organization or if you are looking for tools to make your team more efficient it will be worth your while to contact me. With being an officer for a near 30 years with a specialty in leadership and officer cadet training I have a profound base in this field. Along with my career as an professional officer I have also trained companies, principals and business leaders in leadership, handling of conflicts, communication and personal development.

By leading people in both small groups as well as in large battalions, in national and international environment, I have gathered both experience, skill and contacts in a way that I am sure that together with you we will find a suitable solution to almost all of your leadership and organizational problems.

I can facilitate training and education lasting from a couple of hours up to one week courses. Training can be conducted as classroom education as well as in winter conditions in the arctic area for a numerous amount of days - with or without food and shelter...

In the Swedish part of this webpage you will find some examples of possible trainings and educations.

If your knowledge in written Swedish maybe not reaches the level of translating these pages please don´t hesitate to send me an e-mail through the "kontakt"-page. I will be glad to get back to you in English!

Thank you for visiting this page and I hope to hear from you in the future.

Ulrik Hansson-Mild



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